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Money Myths is presented by Brian Leslie. He has spent a lifetime looking at the problems with the current money system. He has been the Editor of Sustainable Economics magazine for over 16 years.

The American Monetary Institute had this to say about him:

"As one of the United Kingdom's most advanced monetary thinkers, he see's the fraudulent debt-money system as the key issue preventing reform toward a peaceful, socially just and sustainable future for humanity.
His talk will connect money reform to the various other crucial issues which require urgent reform."

Our aim in building this site, and the creation of the videocast (video podcast), is to inform the public about the way money is brought into existence and the problems associated with the current method of money creation, which is the main cause of the 'Global Financial Crisis'.

We aim to start with the basics and then gradually expand on the ideas. I would therefore suggest that you watch the series in order.

The site and videocast are aimed at people who are currently unaware of the issues surrounding the way money is created as well as those who think they know. Many economists are blinded by the 'smoke screen' of modern economics and banking practices.

Each episode will have it's own page where you will find any links or materials referred to in the show, a full transcript of the show and the show's current status (being written, in production or posted on iTunes). The series introduction.


Viewer comments


"I believe you are telling the truth. It all makes perfect sense and I feel like someone has just turned on the light. The content of this web site is great and I don't know why I haven't been introduced to these concepts by anyone else before. The information is pitched at the right level for everyone - I was going to say novice, but I think even accountants and financiers could learn a thing or two here. The web site has got me wanting more; as in the Matrix, I want to take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes."

"Clear and concise presentation of information not widely available or discussed elsewhere."

"Brian's ability to deal with an allegedly complex topic using terms which the layman can understand. Also, his optimistic approach and positive suggestions like citizens dividend."

"The information presented and suggestions. I also enjoy the history surrounding the financial and economic topics presented."


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